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Chris Milk: How Virtual Reality Can Create The Ultimate Empathy Machine. 2016. Web. 2 Aug. 2016.

Gifreu, Arnau. “Funding Models For Documentary. Part 1: The Audiovisual Documentary | Arnau Gifreu – Open Documentary Lab At MIT”. Open Documentary Lab at MIT. N.p., 2015. Web. 2 Aug. 2016.

Ocak, Ersan. “New Forms Of Documentary-Filmmaking Within New Media”. N.p., 2016. Web. 2 Aug. 2016

Ocak explores the what is new media and asks why do we need new forms of ducmentary film making and distinguishes the different nuances between documentary and film making. He explores the potential of new media as a form of storytelling and provides specific case studies for us to explore to further understand the impact and changes of technology on current documentaries and maybe even theorise and draw connections on how newer technology may once again shift documentary film making. Many of the points discussed intersect with transmedia documentaries and their ability to interact and diversify what a documentary is. In each case study he also goes through a shows why each case study is unique and points out why these features might be a new and emerging form of documentary that we should consider. In line with our research project of the future of documentary making, some of these features may come to the forefront due to arising technology.

Documentary Film And New Technologies – MIT Discussion Panel. 2016. Web. 2 Aug. 2016.

This video is a panel discussion at MIT where experts discuss the future of documentary under four key categories of funding, collaboration, evaluation and preservation.  With so many new platforms, funding and distribution is a key element in gaining exposure for documentaries and providing different avenues for film makers to undertake documentary work professionally. New technology also leads to collaboration with many other streams of media, this encompasses vr, games etc… how can media creatives work together in creating a unified language of work and how will it shape the media collaborative landscape. The article is useful to my research topic as it explores many areas of documentary making from the point of view of people who have funded and worked in the profession. It also ties into the readings that we have completed on megatrends and being able to adapt to a changing market through user generated content and consumer information gathered during the digital age.

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