The unlecture of week 2, innovative, novel and a gateway for interactivity. I like the Q and A panel style of learning even though i do not participate in the  questions, having the questions being from the audience and students makes it so the information that is revealed. I felt like the questions presented were pretty much what i would ask if i were to be put on the spot for a mandatory questioning. However, i felt the lecture went by slowly and at times felt a bit awkward as the back and forth banter really stagnated at some points. The emphasis on differentiating these lectures from a normal one  is really high, but i didn’t feel the immediate substantial differentiation. With that said i feel that the lectures are heading towards a positive position.

The topic of free speech was quite notable. I remember from legal studies back in year 11 (i have no idea how i remembered this information as a i performed terribly in this subject) that Australia doesn’t have freedom of speech like America, but rather we are protected from the separate arms of government ensuring we as a nation have a right to say what we want. This seemed relevant as the voting is coming up which reminds me i have to go enrol on aec. Thank you networked media 😀 saving me from a 200 dollar fine. I never felt that my free speech has been ever prevented within Australia even with the lack of freedom of speech, there are moments where we are restricted from speaking like back to a teacher, parents etc… However those moments aren’t prevention of free speech, but rather your choice to not speak to be polite in a way is free speech in itself.

I feel these unlectures are presented as a new futuristic technology, Unlectures… The lectures of tomorrow, now. Queue the relaxing utopian music dadada

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