What is Networked Media?

The title is the question which still revolves in my mind. Even the intro reading to what is reading was the most abstract thing i have ever heard, kidding, but it was a mumble jumbo of a mess. Networked media, from what i understood, it was going to be about networking sites like facebook, twittter etc… but from the first tutorial, we are essentially networking within our community of peers in order to have a network of associates for our future. I do not see how these blogs correlate with this subject, in a sense this subject seems to be an extension or rehash of writing media text, but on a more online environment. I have no complaints in relation to keeping a blog or journal, i found that keeping one was quite relaxing, almost as a stress relief just spouting out whatever came to my mind surrounding this subject. The subject seems very theoretical and Elliot said himself that it is, seems to be a very conceptual subject almost like a sort of IT Philosphy fusion course. Nothing really to say about Week 1 tutorial, basic fundamentals and introduction. Maybe next week’s tutorial will provide for grounds of discussion for the blog.


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