K Film

What i did wrong?
more lives
better ui definitely
better background

i feel like all these critcisms i can fix with more exposure to the program and dont feel like i should dwell on these technical aspects too much.


i recently watched the movie her after a strong recommendation from my friend. And to be frank i was blown away. The colours in that film was amazing and the topic which it covered was done so in an interesting way. From the synopsis alone you would think that it follow the journey of hate and exclusion from society which he has to face, but it concentrates on the relationship and emotions between man and ai. Is emotion or a relationship real when a being is sentient? IS it wrong for theodore to love an ai who isn’t human? THe ai however was programmed to replicate humans, why is it any different. The idea of a taxonomy kinda comes into play so i guess thats a way to tie in integrated. Theodore and Samantha changed the meaning of sex in the film. There is no bodily connection or reproduction, but was there. For Theodore and Sam there was some form of body connection whether it be emotional or metaphysical. It changed completely once she brought in a body double. In a way it is strange in that Theodore felt more akin and more loved when there was noone for him to love, but an ideal.
Samantha was an ideal gf to him even though she clearly has a personality that was unique to herself. She was made to take care of and bond with his desires, yet somehow there was still a clash of interest. How could someone be perfect and designed to be your human ideal tank not be your ideal person? The film is just interesting in everything it talks about.

list continued?

The shields reading is quite interesting in that it is a chrnonological and logical book, but it is presented in a manner that resembles the bible almost. They have no real connection, but i found that by writing it that way shields opens us up to different ways of thinking. I feel like the gaps act as commas and help us take in what we just have read and expand on the idea presented. There is nothign really wierd or strange about the writing itself, all the pieces put together make sense. Many people got confused between collage and montage from the other responses i read regarding this and felt that this is definitely not a montage. A montage is used to transcend or evade time. A collage is a collection of differing things put together to display meaning which is exactly what this piece of text is. All of the splits make sense on their own, but together they are more?
how is this related to K-film, well i guess our films are really just collages. They are a bunch of clips held together by the glue of logic and reasoning. K films in general to me anyway make no sense. They are entertaining though, no doubt. They all look nice as well, the clips can be beautiful, masteruflly designed ui and what not, but i still dont see the point. Is the point to discover the meaning of the author or is it to put your own meaning. Its almost a game, yet its a film. I wouldn’t call it a film, but a game. K film is a puzzle you work through the clips to find the meaing and that is what i think Adrian does. During his analysis of our films he searches for paths on why these things happen, but maybe by doing so he is creating a story? or narrative?


In this weeks reading, it brought up the notion of using lists as a way of expressing or creating meaning in a doco. After using korsakow this idea of using spacial elements in order to create different forms of connections between whether it be clips or texts is quite intriguing. The ui or the interface which we create will play a large role in how the audience will be able to interpret or how well we can get our ideas across. AFter meeting with Adrian to discuss my sketch film, it is quite easy to say that my work was a complete dud. I didnt spend enough time on it, but i did meet all the requirements in the criteria sheet which was the main focus of the xercise. With the upcoming group k film, i feel like these readings and lectures will help me provide helpful insight for my groups needsa as i do not want to be dead weight and want to provide meaningful insight and work. The argument of whethere a story or narrative can be formed from a list has been argued and question both in the tutorial and lectures. I feel that it all depends on the lists and how you view the list. Even a list of ingredients for a recipe can tell a story, in that it tells you the chronological order of where and when the ingredients will be placed within it. I dont know everytime this idea of a list or narrative comes up in the course i feel like no matter what you can apply a story or narrative to everything you see and do as every minor detail will aid our brain in forming those bridges and connections we require to create meaning.