I recently started to do a lot of work for my filmtv subject and though i should write about my experiences about it here. The whole experience so far has been very enjoyable. From the tutorials to the actual film, i ahve enjoyved every second of it. The pre production of planning was meh, buit still it was fun writing and adding meaning to our vision. I felt like you can really see the development of a film, the ideas and characters were fleshed out slowly through consults after consults, trials and trials. The process was very enlightening in finding out that wow your draft or w.e sucks. In a creative industry you just got to suck it up and continue, not every idea is gold and not every idea will be bad. Im grateful for the group that i am in as they are all talented individuals who all held their weight in their group and made this experience enjoyable.

Filming, oh god. The test shoot alone was more than i could have imagined, but was one of the most enlightening moments of this course. The amount of mistakes and ideas you generate on the go were insane. Your vision for the project just becomes every step closer. The long hours you put in are really fulfilling then when you enter the edit suites to take a look and you are just like wow. our work is shit. There is no worst and best feeling. Sad that it was a test, yet happy that damn if we didnt do this our final work would have sucked.

On the actual filming days we were much more organised, provided their was 1 mishap with the equipment which kind of stressed us. We knew where the camera needed to be, what lights to use etc… everythign just seemed to mesh, yet the process still took just as long. The 2nd day must of been the easiest and enjoyable times with filming. The actors were stellar, they just meshed and were friendly to us as well, granted we were to them as well. Simple and clean, shot reverse shot dialogue. MY arms were jsut dead from holding that boom mic, im terrible at sound and wished to god that i did not stuff up the project for the team and hoped all the settings were right etc… Im really looking forward to editting as i believe thats where i enjoy the film process the most and hope to have alot of positive input.

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