im about to go ken Ham. jks bill nye is gee

Totally unrelated to integrated media, maybe… id ont know there could be some connection which i will try to create by the end LOL.

When i first saw this debate a few months ago i was compltely entrhalled and intrigued by this as i have never seen a real debate, and to be shown a topic so interesting i was captivated.I dont know if its bad for me to hate on Ken Ham, but i feel that man is just ridiculous. How could you argue other facts? Maybe i am biased in my own way which blinds me from seeing the relevant points which Ken Ham tries to show. His argument of creationism revolves around evidence he sources from the Bible which Bill Nye disproves. I know that there is never anything proven in science so i will say that there is a slim chance that Ken Ham might be right. But evidence strongly suggests that we did evolve. I don’t have anything against christianity or catholics, i went to a primary and secondary catholic school for that matter. I feel that religion is there for hope, and hope is a good thing to have. religion is an answer to the questio of what is there after death. To believe that we were created though is just too much for me. A lot of the things in the bible could be truthful, all stories and legends are always derived from something just like stereotypes. I do believe there might be bits of truth behind the bible, just not creationism.

I then watched a video on Richard Dawkins giving his thoughts on whether or not you can be a Christian and believe in evolution and according to him many bishops and popes all do. IS it a sin not to believe in creationsim? i dont know. hope not. I believe those ideals are both fair, why cant you believe in evolution.
Well video is down below. It is 2 hours 30mins so maybe dont watch it all but give it a watch.
hopefully i didnt offend anyone. just my thoughts.

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