A key point which i took form the lecture was the idea of  having a plan B during the filming. I relate to this more than the others due to the fact we actually had problems on our shoot, not creativity wise but rather technical. But having a backup for your work is very important and being able to adapt on the fly is a talent or skill we all must obtain.

And the director should have ways to help the actors do their job. Their vision is the film and the actors are tools to be used and sometimes need a bit of guidance to obtain their desired goal. I saw this first hand on our shoot where our director just gave the actors bits of tips and pointers that they were more than willing to change their style of acting or mannerisms to fit our need. In a way this might make the director a bit pushy but it is a necessary step in making a film.

There is a lot of folley and ambient noises editted in along with the dialogue. You can hear the crisp crinkling of the paper and such. THe crickets in the background give the scene a sort of stand off feel to it. All of the sounds are foley is very crisp and displays a heightened sense of awareness from both men. The camera quickly cuts to very specific actions, the dropping of the fish, the putting down of the lighter. IN a way it can be seen as a means to invoke a sense of jitters or nervousness between the two. The random sounds are there to break the eeriness of the crickets. The “silence” in the audio is created by the crickets and just the breathing of the man.

The video and audio are both editted from a shot reverse shot to display that the 2 are talking. At the start of it, it is editted in a way that the subject or the pictures are the main focus of the conversation. The shot reverse shots are there to mainly display the feelings and emotions on the faces of the actors. The line rule or 180 degree thing is always maintained. However as the scene continues, the sounds crescendoes to the point of climax where the gunshot breaks the eerie silence of the crickets etc… By the end, the sound of the fan increases and is likened to his heartbeat almost, pounding each second after the murder. Notice the supposed sound of the fan cahnges speed and isn’t constant. But the audience is shown that the fan is just spinning normally so the editting for both the audio and visuals are quite symbolic. The transition audio of the loud cymbal almost gong is used to change scenes.

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