Vakarau Laga Meke



This is a photo I took at home in Fiji, which I have edited. The photo depicts to warriors on their traditional ‘bilibili’. The warrior at the back of the bilibili is pushing the raft with a bamboo stick, whilst the warrior at the front is blowing a conch. I took this photo during a photo shoot my mum organised for the resort she runs.
I’ve been experimenting with this glowing effect and I really like it’s contrasting and bright colours. I don’t usually use a lot of bright and strong colour in my artwork so this is very¬†different for me.



This is an edit I made from a photo shoot of my friend Camille. I used the same colour effect as the picture above on this picture however I also layered the photo over itself slightly off centre. I like that you can see two different layers of the face and how the colour layers over each other making new colours.

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