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Old Family Photos

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These are some of my favourite family photos. The top photo consists of my mother with a horse on my grandparents farm. My mother and her five siblings lived on that farm for a few years before they moved to Mornington Peninsula. Second is a photo of my grandmother painting. I love her paintings and currently have the finished painting hanging in my house. Last is a photo that consists of one of my mothers siblings but I am unaware of who it is. I love how old these photos are and how captured in the moment they feel.





This artwork depicts two twins that look identical and the same. They are connected by two fern leaves which are exactly the same, however the background behind them is different and not symmetrical. The twin on the left is surrounded by darker colours and the twin on the right has a whiter and brighter background. The difference in background symbolises the inner difference of twins, and even though they still have this unmatched connection with one another (the ferns) they are still completely different people emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Their only similarity is that being of their physical appearance and connection with one another.

Made by Me

Vakarau Laga Meke



This is a photo I took at home in Fiji, which I have edited. The photo depicts to warriors on their traditional ‘bilibili’. The warrior at the back of the bilibili is pushing the raft with a bamboo stick, whilst the warrior at the front is blowing a conch. I took this photo during a photo shoot my mum organised for the resort she runs.
I’ve been experimenting with this glowing effect and I really like it’s contrasting and bright colours. I don’t usually use a lot of bright and strong colour in my artwork so this is very different for me.



This is an edit I made from a photo shoot of my friend Camille. I used the same colour effect as the picture above on this picture however I also layered the photo over itself slightly off centre. I like that you can see two different layers of the face and how the colour layers over each other making new colours.

THE DROUGHT- Inspiration

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These three clips are taken from the shot film titled The Drought directed and written by Kevin Slack. I liked the film but in particular, I liked the opening for the film. The first thing the audience are presented with is that of a blurry image of an old man with the sound of him breathing heavily, we assume to be struggling. The camera then focuses on the man and we see his face clearly, whilst still hearing him struggle. Within 20 seconds, the screen then cuts the title of the film THE DROUGHT and all sound is cut off.

I found it has similarities to the script that my group have decided to make for Film-TV1. We particularly are interested in lighting and music. These next to shots really inspire me in terms of lighting. I really like how they focus on his face with the stream of light surrounded by darkness.

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Questions from Symposium 04

1. Bordwell and Thompson state that after watching Railroad Turnbridge a person “cannot see bridges in the same way” thus experimental films are not just art for arts sake. Can/are Korsakow projects art for arts sake, or can they effect the way people see things? Or like Rail Road Turnbridge are they both at once?

Korsakow films aren’t necessarily art for just art’s sake as they provide new ways to view what we see. They give you the ability to look at something in a new light, in a way you haven’t looked at them before through non narrative film. (Richard Serra, A Translation) states that “the physical turnbridge is the support of this experience, not its subject.”

Instead of focusing on the bridge itself, we focus on the movements of the bridge and around the bridge. We begin to focus on the visual effect it has on us. I begin to forget that I am looking at the movements of a bridge, and think that I am just looking at aesthetically pleasing movements. But then I still look at bridges the same way, just because I have been presented with an alternative view of bridges, I don’t forget what bridges are about. The film is beautiful and I like what I am watching, but it doesn’t change the way I look at bridges.

I have split views on the ‘art for art’s sake’ when it comes to the Rail Road Turnbridge and Korsakow.

Firstly, I think that, well, maybe this film is just ‘art for art’s sake, same with Korsakow. We want to make things for the fun of making them and we make them to please us, they may have no meaning what so ever. I tend to find myself drawing and painting, not because I want to convey a meaning, but because that is what I feel like doing at that time. One can look at any piece of artwork and make an analysis on what the artist’s meaning was, but sometimes there just isn’t any conscious meaning behind something. And Korsakow films, in particular the one that I watched Bright Splinters was beautiful and aesthetically appealing. And maybe that’s all it is.

But then I think, well, maybe it isn’t ‘art for art’s sake’.

If an emotion and response is provoked from the Korsakow, or any form of art, then it has done its role in connecting with people. Railroad Turnbridge was created with the purpose of  making us look at something differently, and just because it is aesthetically pleasing to watch, does that make it meaningless?

I don’t think I can make up my mind, so I guess I shall just go about my days, until I can decide.


Pass me the controller bro


In this weeks lecture regarding gaming and whether it can be considered hypertext narrative, we discussed gaming and how it is considered an activity we do to win. For instance, Mario kart, Grand theft Auto are games we play to win. That’s why we end up shouting at the screen as pressure rises and the game gets harder, because we want to win. However, as discussed in the lecture, not all games are designed to be ‘won’, for example Sims, Club Penguin etc. And even though this is true, we can’t necessarily get first place, we still play these games because we want to do well. In Sims we learn the cheat codes so we can get money quicker and build bigger houses and complete events so our sim can reach its goals.

A game may not be just something that has to be ‘won’, we play to do well, and on some level I guess that can make us feel like we are winning.