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Internship video for new Resort Nanuku

This is a video that I assisted making for my mum’s new resort in Fiji called Nanuku.
The aim for this video was to advertise the resort but not in the usual way. The concept was to make a short video that showed viewers the ‘spirit’ of Fiji, rather than the usual number of rooms, bar, restaurant etc.
We wanted to show the ‘Fijian’ experience you will be getting when you go the resort aided by the speaker ‘Vesi’ who speaks to the audience. I have known Vesi since I was five and he truly knows everything there is to know about the Fijian tradition and culture. The music we chose to use was made by a Fijian music group called black rose, who bring a modern sound to the traditional Fijian music (This is a similar concept that Nanuku is going for).
The Fijian men and women that appear in the film are all workers at the resort doing the traditional blowing of the conch, the beating of the lali drums, floating on the bilibi raft, singing etc. We wanted to use the people that are actually associated with the resort to show how real it all is. Every week at the resort the guests can experience all that is shown in the video clip.
We used drones to capture a lot of footage to show the resort from a birds eye view, and I really like the effect it has. My favourite part of the project would have to be when we recorded the underwater footage whilst diving. I have very limited to no knowledge of filming underwater and the equipment is very big and bulky.

In summary, this was an amazing experience and I loved every bit of filming this!

Water from the point of view of a plant

I really like the idea behind this video I have created. I literally put my phone upside down in a fern that I have at home and recorded myself spraying the fern with water. I like that you can see the green leaves in the frame as well as part of my head that looks down on the plant. You can see and hear the water being sprayed onto the plant. I wish I could have filmed this longer because I think this is a really interesting way of depicting someone watering their plants.

Untitled from Torika Taylor on Vimeo.

Questions from Symposium 04

1. Bordwell and Thompson state that after watching Railroad Turnbridge a person “cannot see bridges in the same way” thus experimental films are not just art for arts sake. Can/are Korsakow projects art for arts sake, or can they effect the way people see things? Or like Rail Road Turnbridge are they both at once?

Korsakow films aren’t necessarily art for just art’s sake as they provide new ways to view what we see. They give you the ability to look at something in a new light, in a way you haven’t looked at them before through non narrative film. (Richard Serra, A Translation) states that “the physical turnbridge is the support of this experience, not its subject.”

Instead of focusing on the bridge itself, we focus on the movements of the bridge and around the bridge. We begin to focus on the visual effect it has on us. I begin to forget that I am looking at the movements of a bridge, and think that I am just looking at aesthetically pleasing movements. But then I still look at bridges the same way, just because I have been presented with an alternative view of bridges, I don’t forget what bridges are about. The film is beautiful and I like what I am watching, but it doesn’t change the way I look at bridges.

I have split views on the ‘art for art’s sake’ when it comes to the Rail Road Turnbridge and Korsakow.

Firstly, I think that, well, maybe this film is just ‘art for art’s sake, same with Korsakow. We want to make things for the fun of making them and we make them to please us, they may have no meaning what so ever. I tend to find myself drawing and painting, not because I want to convey a meaning, but because that is what I feel like doing at that time. One can look at any piece of artwork and make an analysis on what the artist’s meaning was, but sometimes there just isn’t any conscious meaning behind something. And Korsakow films, in particular the one that I watched Bright Splinters was beautiful and aesthetically appealing. And maybe that’s all it is.

But then I think, well, maybe it isn’t ‘art for art’s sake’.

If an emotion and response is provoked from the Korsakow, or any form of art, then it has done its role in connecting with people. Railroad Turnbridge was created with the purpose of  making us look at something differently, and just because it is aesthetically pleasing to watch, does that make it meaningless?

I don’t think I can make up my mind, so I guess I shall just go about my days, until I can decide.



I like this effect of the jellyfish being illuminated by the light behind it, however I wish I moved the camera more to get different and wider angles in the shot. I didn’t do this because you could see my bed side table mixed in with the jellyfish and I wanted the focus to purely be on the jellyfish and the light that is running through it.

S O H N “The Wheel”

So if you haven’t checked out Noisey already, I highly recommend you do. “Noisey” is a music channel created by vice an international Media channel and magazine that focuses news topics, art and culture. Vice’s music channel “Noisey” focuses on music related interviews and features collections of interesting and non mainstream music videos that their viewers may not have heard but should hear!


The Rich Get Richer- Barabási Albert

The rich get richer and the law of increasing poverty relates to the The New science of Networks which shows how the biological food chain, business and commerce, the growth of cities share the same properties, which means they can be quantified and described with mathematical laws.
The Barabási- Albert (BA) model is an algorithm for generating random scale free networks (scale free networks are widely observed in natural and human- made systems, such as the Internet) using a preferential attachment mechanism. Barabási’s model is one of several proposed models that generates scale-free networks.

Tokyo Toyboy

I am now completely desensitised to anything that Tokyo does. I watched the first episode hosted by Australian journalist Joel Cornell a new series by VICE titled ‘Free Pouring’ with their first episode being based on ‘Tokyo Toyboys’.
In Japan it’s not uncommon for successful women to pay attractive young men large amounts of money for an hour of accompaniment  and a few cocktails.
Joel Cornell enters this world and gives the viewers insight into what it takes to be a ‘host’.

Clair De Lune Mashup

Here is my most recent movie mashup, I had just finished watching Suspiria an Italian horror film from the 70’s and developed inspiration for my new video.

It is slighting dark so I apologise if you’re emotionally scarred after watching this.

Song used- Clair De Lune by Flight Facilities ( I do not own the rights to this film)