How to upload a gif for your super awesome post

So if you’re silly like I am, here is how to upload a gif to add for that ‘extra effect’ in your post.


Step 1
Save your gif to your desktop


Step 2
Go into ‘Add new post page’ and click the upload/ insert button above the text toolbar

 Step 3
The ‘Add media files from your computer will appear’ and from here you press the ‘select files’ button in the centre or drag the image from your desktop into the empty square.

 Step 4
Find your gif saved to the desktop and select and upload

Step 5
Make sure you have uploaded the right gif and to make sure the gif works and moves you need to upload the gif in it’s ‘full size’ so that the gif does not compress. If you click small or medium etc. the gif will compress and you will only see a thumbnail visual. Which you don’t want because it won’t move and you’ll be annoyed.

Step 6
The gif will appear in your post square and if you have uploaded it right, which you should have because I just told you how to do it, it will be moving YAY! So all you need to do now is press PUBLISH/UPDATE


And now it works hurrah!!!!




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