What is Culture?

As soon as I read this I laughed as I thought of the questions I was asked for my job interview at Crown. I had three sets of interviews and the very last had two sections, the first mathematical questions, and the second with the one question: What is culture? My first reaction was pffft easy, I went to write and I got stuck. How does one define culture?

There are so many variations of culture that are so broad. I’m pretty sure I wrote a whole bunch of nonsense about all the variations of culture, I got the job so I must of made some sort of sense…¬†Culture is defined as ‘The arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively’. I think this is a short definition of an otherwise very dynamic and diverse word.

Potts reading discusses the internet as cultural technology and how it ‘produced an extraordinary volume of cultural expression, while confronting legal and political frame works around the world’.¬†Technology and culture have revolutionised social media, public forums such as Twitter and Facebook have motivated development in all technology systems. These new developments of technology revolve around how our society communicates and is all based on making everything easier, faster and more entertaining.

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