Week 5 Social Media

Week 5 Social Media
We were the first to present our seminar and in such, had to very vigilant in organising out guests as well as advertise the seminar.
I missed the first two Lecture group meetings as I had a clash with another class which affected my ability to attend the lecture, but had the problem resolved quickly and was then able to catch up on assisting the team get the seminar organised.

I contributed by assisting setting up the equipment on the day, as well as speaking with the three guest speakers, ensuring that they were comfortable and aware of what the day entailed.

Whilst speaking with the three hosts, I took photos of the guest hosts and made sure to post these photos on the @rmitadventure Instagram page. I made sure to live post on the Instagram page as the seminar took place, ensuring that the Instagram posts were also being transferred to the twitter page which live tweeted to the big screen behind the hosts speaking.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 23.16.21Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 23.16.12

As well as this, I filmed on the day, ensuring to catch quality footage of the guests speaking so that when we would edit the collection of footage from the day, we had numerous camera angles to work with.

As well as ensuring that the Instagram and twitter pages were being updated live, I also created a visual poster using photoshop that kept with the design that Tom had firstly made. This poster was handed out to students at RMIT in building 9 and 80.
I also made sure to post the design on the RMIT adventure Instagram account to keep reminding people of the seminar.


Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 23.16.00

I was constantly on the Social Media private Facebook page with the rest of my group, asking and answering questions that revolved around the organisation of the seminar. I attended the group meetings and was part of the group decisions in regards when it came to deciding what to do for the seminar.









After the seminar I helped pack up the equipment and thank the guests for dedicating their time to speak at RMIT.


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