Are Books dead? Week 6 Unlecture


One of the discussions that stuck with me after this weeks ‘un- lecture’ was the topic discussing whether or not books are dead.This is what I took away from todays discussion.

Vinyl for instance may not be the main source of listening to music anymore, however people still choose to listen to vinyls because of the aesthetic effect and style of sound that a vinyl emits. More people download music online compared to going to a music store, simply because it is easier, however it does not mean that the production of CD albums has completely stopped. It has just decreased because of the preference of downloading music as it is easier. Some people still like to have vinyl records playing simply because they prefer it for whatever reason aesthetically or maybe because they want to go against modern movement and wish to keep the traditional beauty of music alive. I think the same goes with books.

Although the use of ebooks are increasing books still have value, however many choose to download books now as well, simply because it is easier, cheaper and faster. When your at home and want a new book to read, it is easier to use a kindle and see the recommended books and browse through book genres and find a story that might suit your interests, rather than going to a book store and spending 30 minutes looking through the isles for a book and reading the blurbs to find a book that appeals to you.
I don’t think the use of books has died, however the platform in which we access these books has changed. It is not the book that is ‘dead’, but the book store.



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