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Analysis Reflection #4 Q.2

Question 2.
Most applications reserve keyboard shortcuts for the functions that you use most often. It is really good to learn all of these as it will speed up your editing and additionally alert you to functions that the software developers and other users find important.

Some key board short cuts that I have never used but are important to editing are firstly ‘Bring to Front’ which on a Mac keyboard is Shift+Cmd+] and secondly ‘Bring Forward’ which is  Cmd+]. These two shortcuts are invaluable to editing because they cut down a lot of time with having to move and arrange clips manually.

Another short cut that I haven’t used before is ‘Find’ which is Cmd+F. This is another useful short cut as it opens the view finder for you so you don’t have to navigate through the menu bar.

And lastly another keyboard short cut that I have never used before and will start using is is ‘Insert’ which is on the keyboard. This saves time also so you don’t have to right click insert every time you want to insert a clip.




Film TV2 Documentary

-Leo Berry’s Boxing Gym (Behind Police Station Church Street)
-Fitness Ring Boxing and Kickboxing Studio (488 Victoria Street, Richmond, Victoria.)

Pitch (Idea)
Our documentary will be based on the romance of boxing. This will be achieved through experimental editing. We want to focus on the movements and atmosphere of boxing rather than the brutality of boxing. We will film a boxer (or boxers) in training, having them run through their moves and techniques of boxing. We will focus on the art and beauty of boxing as well as the stamina and strength that boxing requires, rather than the stigma of harshness. Editing will be a large component of this documentary as we will be adjusting the speed of the boxer(s). Sound is another important component as we will be matching the movements and the speed of the movements to the sound to create a sort of dance.

A documentary that focuses on the romance of boxing.


Director – Torika Taylor
Producer – Angus Ward
Editor – Elaine Yilling Yang & Torika Taylor
Videographer – Naz Shah, Angus Ward & Elaine
Sound Recordists – Elaine Yilling Yang
Sound Mixer – Elaine Yilling Yang
Production Manager – Angus Ward
Production Assistant – Naz Shah
Presenter Narrator – Naz Shah
Secretariat – Angus Ward
Cinematographer – Torika Taylor
Key Grip – Elaine Yilling Yang
Lighting – Naz Shah

Film Tv-2 Week 1 Documentary Ideas

Subject and Sub-list

Culture in Melbourne
-Night Life, Clubs, Bars, Streets, night vs. day, trains, personality, Heritage, Family, restaurants, types of restaurants, location, money, new, old,

Comparison, difference, clothes, decoration, design, pride, clean, dirty,  young, old, location, kids, family, roommate, music, secrets