Internship video for new Resort Nanuku

This is a video that I assisted making for my mum’s new resort in Fiji called Nanuku.
The aim for this video was to advertise the resort but not in the usual way. The concept was to make a short video that showed viewers the ‘spirit’ of Fiji, rather than the usual number of rooms, bar, restaurant etc.
We wanted to show the ‘Fijian’ experience you will be getting when you go the resort aided by the speaker ‘Vesi’ who speaks to the audience. I have known Vesi since I was five and he truly knows everything there is to know about the Fijian tradition and culture. The music we chose to use was made by a Fijian music group called black rose, who bring a modern sound to the traditional Fijian music (This is a similar concept that Nanuku is going for).
The Fijian men and women that appear in the film are all workers at the resort doing the traditional blowing of the conch, the beating of the lali drums, floating on the bilibi raft, singing etc. We wanted to use the people that are actually associated with the resort to show how real it all is. Every week at the resort the guests can experience all that is shown in the video clip.
We used drones to capture a lot of footage to show the resort from a birds eye view, and I really like the effect it has. My favourite part of the project would have to be when we recorded the underwater footage whilst diving. I have very limited to no knowledge of filming underwater and the equipment is very big and bulky.

In summary, this was an amazing experience and I loved every bit of filming this!

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