Pass me the controller bro


In this weeks lecture regarding gaming and whether it can be considered hypertext narrative, we discussed gaming and how it is considered an activity we do to win. For instance, Mario kart, Grand theft Auto are games we play to win. That’s why we end up shouting at the screen as pressure rises and the game gets harder, because we want to win. However, as discussed in the lecture, not all games are designed to be ‘won’, for example Sims, Club Penguin etc. And even though this is true, we can’t necessarily get first place, we still play these games because we want to do well. In Sims we learn the cheat codes so we can get money quicker and build bigger houses and complete events so our sim can reach its goals.

A game may not be just something that has to be ‘won’, we play to do well, and on some level I guess that can make us feel like we are winning.


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