Integrated Media Week 8

Questions developed in today’s tutorial from today’s lecture.

1. Is there any way to establish a hierarchy in k-films e.g. how many lives you give a clip?
There is no hierarchy in understanding something before we move onto something else. You can have particular SNU’s that have particular significance in the work so they appear more than other clips, so in that sense you can have a hierarchy. What Adrian spoke about in terms of hierarchy was that when we make associations with the SNU’s in labelling them there is no hierarchy.

2. Can you please elaborate on Adrian’s spiel about Identity and Unconsciousness. Example?
A lot of our behaviour is driven by unconscious desires and because we are not conscious of them we are not aware of them. We choose to see things the way we see them because of our experiences and identity in the world. When doing our constraint tasks we chose certain things to shoot and we all chose to shoot different things in different ways. We develop themes and patterns within our work, whether that is conscious or not.

3. Can you explain what Adrian means by approaching k-films in terms of style rather than genre?
Adrain spoke about k-films being made from stylistic choices rather than genre. The genre of movies usually are romance, comedy, thriller, drama etc whereas in k-films we focus on the style of the film rather than the genre of it. In k-films we focus on the way we want to shoot our shots rather than following a genre of film.


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