David Shields Integrated Media

Some points from the David Shields reading that I liked/found interesting

321. Story seems to say that everything happens for a reason, and I want to say, Noit doesn’t.
-This was an interesting point as it goes agains the traditional purpose of film. We create film and K-films to portray a meaning. Does something we create really have no meaning? We may be making something because we like it or that’s how we decided to make it at that time. But even so, you may still be able to argue that the unconscious decisions we make still have meaning, even if we didn’t intend them to.

324. The absence of plot leaves the reader room to think about things

326. Plots are for dead people

333. A mosaic, made out of broken dishes, makes no attempt to hide the fact that it’s made out of broken dishes, in fact flaunts it.
-We like our creations to be perfect, and we like to feel confident about what we create. Sometimes the imperfections in film and k-films make that particular film special and different.

341. You don’t make art; you find it
I agree that all art is interpreted and inspired by other artwork and that nothing we make is purely original.

361. You don’t need a story. The question is How long do you not need a story?

362. Nothing is going to happen in this book
When we read books we read them because we want to feel an emotion whilst interpreting a story or material. We read books that have cause and effect and have action and a conclusion. When there is none of this, can we still have interest?

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