Ahhh the vast world of technology… Our lives revolve around it, we rely on it, we practically are technology. In todays tutorial we discussed Facebook and its inevitable end, the only question is when will it die out and when its new replacement will come in. The interesting topic that came up was how the recent updates in technology all revolve around social media.

Our phones are more compatible with social media in hope to make us choose to buy that phone. The iPhone let us use Facebook and Youtube without having to go on our computer which was revolutionary and thus all other companies followed by developing smart phones allowing us to do the same on their products. All new and most known technology companies revolve around social media. Not just companies like Facebook, but Skype and Face Time, instant messaging have become better so we can communicate better with one another. The new programs that have grown in popularity such as instagram, tumblr and blogger are all social media platforms where we can connect and share with one another.

I am very interested to see what new form of technology will replace our current devices that we use. For instance, the google glasses (stupid product, but won’t go into that now) have developed showing a new way to experience technology other than just on our phones and computers. The iPad came out and that was a new way to experience technology.

Technology is all about improvement on reliability and making everything easier for the public. It will be interesting to see what the new products will be like and how everyone will react.

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