Media6 MegaTrends reflection and discussion

Megatrends explores the evolution and advancement of technologies and discusses the social and economic impacts of digital trends. Technology has advanced and has changed the way in which we communicate and collaborate. The idea of a ondemand economy draws many parallels with the current media industry more so the film industry, where the labourer (film companies) outsource digital effects which are activities that have “been dissected into precise assignmetns and projects” to smaller studios where the pay is leveraged by the labourers. IN turn leading to the scenario that the articles fears in which workers move form job to job while suffering loss of labour and bargaining rights as well as job insecurity. Growing up during this industrial revolution I can see many events which have occurred theoretically in the reading. Laws made by government have to change to accommodate new technology much like how laws had to be changed when phones had cameras in order to accommodate for the upskirting incidents which were not regulated at the time. The internet has provided an access point in which physical and digital artifacts can connect such as our smartphones, tablets etc… and this technology has gone as far as integrating itself into our other utilities like watches and television. This connectedness creates a polar effect of distancing people from one another, being encapsulated or “plugged in” constantly to the point where the current generation lose out on the human touch and leaves us constantly in a frenzied state, reducing our attention span. These factors demonstrate how the improvement of technology changes the landscape of human lifestyles in the way we interact with physical and digital objects as well as relationships between consumers and labourers.

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