What are experimental films without interpretation? can they exist without an audience? I would say kind of they do exist without an audience, just they mean less. Unlike normal linear films experimental films is beyond the confines of what we assume is the norm and therefore require us to apply a contextual meaning to it. What Hannah said about experiemental films make sense upon association i guess is also applied to normal films.The difference i feel is that experimental films will always have a different meaning and interpretation for everyone, whereas linear structural films will always have the same underlying principal.
What about Korsakow interactive documentaries? DO they need an audience? Korsakow is unique in that its different to film. SO the constraints we face are broken. Korsakow feels more like a game a than a film. Everything feels very disjointed. Since i have not fully experienced it, i’ll reevaluate my thoughts later.

Another key point was how can footage of the same theme create different stories. If we take the same footage we are using for Korsakow and show ti to different people everyone will have different links that they share or associate with the specific imagery. So each outcome is differnet for each person. Korsakow, is it even film to begin with? I think Korsakow is too different for it to have the same confides as a film so therefore should not apply the same rules towards it.

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