FilmTV Analysis 5 Response Q3

There would have been immense choreography of the actors, frame and focus within the film Blow up 1996 directed by¬†Michelangelo Antonioni. The camera is constantly following the actors as they move around in the frame. If they stand still it isn’t for very long, and when they move the camera moves with them in order to keep the two characters in the frame. The major choreography of this scene begins a minute into the scene. The two actos are moving in and around the objects in the room. The camera moves with the characters to keep both of them in frame.

Most of the shots consist of both the actors, they are shown by themsleves when the scene cuts, for instance when the man pours two drinks. An interesting thing to note in this scene is that Antonioni has chosen for the objects in the room to frame the characters within the frame. For instance, when the two walk into the building at the start of the scene, the woman stands perfectly visibile in betwen the narrow view through the second doorway. That would have been set up so that she stopped at that point, before she walked into the doorway into the same room as the camera.

A shot that I like in particular in the film that relied on the choreography of the actos and the camera together was that of 2 minutes into the scene. The woman stands beside the wooden blocks that support the building but also serves as an artistic frame for the character. Then she moves away from the block out of frame and immediately the camera moves to a set spot as the man moves to where she stood but in a new spot but from a new angle. Antonioni had to consider the continuity of the film when deciding upon this choreography as well as not making it too confusing for the audiences.

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