Unlecture discussions-Integrated media

  1. What is the point in redefining narrative as anything more than ‘cause and effect’?
    Something can still be cause and effect without being narrative. As Adrian explained, most of the things that exist in this world rely on cause and effect. We as humans have become accustomed to stories being narrative and told to us.  Because we have ways of telling stories, such as cinema, we assume we must ‘tell’ a story. Narrative in film is the depiction in the medium of film, of a series of events in the cause and effect relationship. Narrative media uses a story as its main motivation. When you begin to play with the ‘story’ and meaning behind the film you slowly begin to lose the narrative meaning.
    We can portray something in an abstract form in cinema that still uses cause and effect, however, make the meaning more ambiguous. When the story line isn’t clearly narrated we are forced to contrive meaning ourselves, putting together moments to create meaning.

  2. Ryan notes ‘we can never be sure that sender and receiver have the same story in mind.’ Korsakow films allow for greater freedom of interpretation. Do you see this as a positive or negative? How can the filmmaker control interpretations?
    We can never be sure sender and receiver have the same story in mind, however, the sender can provide all relevant information to aid the receiver to understand fully what the message they are trying to send means. Korsakow is a medium that we use for the purpose of allowing interpretation by the viewers.
    Korsakow is about giving viewers the ability to interpret what is presented to them in the way that they feel. In the lecture, Adrian said interpretation is like flirting. Funnily enough that made me fully understand what this question is about. Jasmine stated is Korsakow the only way of presenting a story to someone and allowing them the freedom to create their own interpretation. Korsakow has different portals to its story.
    There may be five different interface’s to click on, not every person is going to follow through the same imagery, thus, they will not generate an identical meaning. This is a positive for Korsakow because the whole purpose of Korsakow is ambiguity and emotion. We can feel like we understand the piece without understanding the cause and effect.




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