Networked Media Unlecture?

I am not normally a negative person, however when it comes to this ‘unlecture’ business I don’t know if this is me just being too closed minded, but I simply just don’t get it! I get that it is a new radical way of experiencing your lecture session, however to me it just feels like another tutorial class with more people…

Some people struggle to say anything in their classes as it is because they are nervous of scrutiny or getting the ‘answer wrong’, and I feel that having a big lecture room full of people doesn’t make anyone want to speak up more as there are now more people to embaress themselves in front of. I do believe that we should all participate in class, but isn’t the purpose of having two scheduled classes in university for the same subject so that we hear everything the lecturer has to say about the weeks content, and then discuss this content in class unpacking the ideas and having the ability to have one on one discussion with your teacher.

I don’t want to ramble on because I hate ramblers, but I just feel that this idea needs to be worked on more because I don’t see the benefits at this stage of the course and it is already week 3!

I am definitely one for new approaches to learning especially considering our current learning system needs to be updated as it is an old style of learning for when we didn’t have the modern technology and abilities we have today. Networked Media’s ‘unlecture’ structure, however, ┬ájust doesn’t work for me.


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