Eva Zvedeniuk

Eva Zvedeniuk

I’ve been using photography as means of deconstructing the form.

Ying Zhang

I use photography for witnessing a lot of people and things, preserving memories and the present, and giving me a direction for the future.

Yangxin Wu

Yangxin Wu

I use photography to record my life in a delicate way.

Wei Wei

I use photography for communicating with people and getting along with life.

Wai Kei Ng

Wai Kei Ng

I use photography for capturing moments and expressing my thoughts

Nina Prince

Nina Prince

I use photography for collecting memories and telling stories.

Ludan Fan

I use photography as a means to help other people to see the world that they might never have the chance to see, the details that they might never notice, the freeze-frames that they might never have a chance to recall again.

Liwan Li

I use photography for recording the world in my eyes.

Jianing Zhong

I use photography to record the past – time blurs memories and feelings but photography can saves the moment as a unique treasure for photographer

Yiling Wu

I use photography to capture the moment that I would love to have forever.

Joanna Danielle

I use photography to capture and perpetuate moments and immortalize memories.

Chen-Hsu Chang

I use photography to provide people images that cannot be seen by human eyes.

Niki Butterfeild

I use photography to capture the moments in life, as cliche as that sounds.

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