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July, 2014

  1. #1 Analysis and Reflection: Question 4

    July 27, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    During this exercise, we recorded a small fountain, footsteps, an automatic door, the elevator, the basketball court, and a sound of something which I am having trouble describing.

    For the fountain, footsteps, automatic door, and the elevator, these sounds were very specific with no other  sounds present therefore it is highly probably that people who hear these audio tracks might be able to pin point what we recorded. However, I must add that the fountain and the automatic door can be associated with a mini waterfall and a machinery of some sort, respectively.

    As for the basketball court, this audio track was able to give off a school image in my mind because of a multitude of sounds; the shuffling sounds of footsteps, conversations in the background, sounds of the ball being moved and bouncing around accompanied by cheers.

  2. #1 Analysis and Reflection: Question 3

    July 27, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    I was able to visualise a setting based on the woman’s description about her travel to the North (I assume that she did, to be honest, I wasn’t so sure). Soon, a man’s voice sets in, overlapping hers, followed by another. At first, this caused me to feel disorientated because it was difficult to focus on whose voice I should listen to. Listening to the track another time, I noticed that the people who were describing their experience of the North had different ideas or experiences about the North which eventually made me realise that it intended to convey the concept of what the North actually is. In other words, it relates back to the title of the documentary. When the host, Glenn Gould, mentioned that the following speakers were people who had actually been and lived in the North, therefore truly experiencing what it was like to be in the North as opposed to just traveling and staying there for some days and finally returning to their respected worlds when they were done, I came to the conclusion that he aimed to dispel the superficial ideas/descriptions of the North by the previous speakers.

  3. #1 Analysis and Reflection: Question 2

    July 27, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    Brian Hill’s ‘Drinking for England’ reconfirmed the things I’ve learned in the course, True Lies: Documentaries.
    The documentary features the drinking culture of England with a poetic and musical spin. I thought this was clever and I enjoyed it immensely. It shows that there isn’t only one true form of a documentary where a narrator is being overly didactic about facts and that it is a sort of an art form because of the way it was put together and how it was carried out. However, this also placed me in a position to question its authenticity; was it staged and how much can I believe in it? Since I’ve only seen one section of the documentary itself, I cannot actually think it was staged even though the song seeemed professionally sung by the man as though it was a music video. It could be that the creators decided to be creative with it so as to make the documentary a little more engaging.

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