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  1. The Game of Thrones

    August 1, 2013 by kimberlyteoh

    While researching about piracy a few months ago, I came upon a video mentioning that the Game of Thrones was the most pirated TV show ever.
    Curious, I went ahead and bought a Season 1 box set to find out why this was the case. I had to know, why is this show the most pirated?
    So I popped disc one into my Blu-ray player and boy, I was not prepared for what this show had to offer.

    The show’s first episode puts you straight into the story. There’s no narrator to tell you what was going on or to introduce you to this vast, imaginary world and explain how things work. Nope, you’re on your own to figure it all out yourself. It does however, introduce it to you visually and this is done immediately when it shows you the disembodied bodies laying in the snow as if it’s telling you that this world is brutal and you’d best prepared yourself for it.

    And then the chase begins. Running, running, running, running, are you ready yet? If not, too bad, you’re still going to see some gloriously gory stuff in action. By the way, it won’t stop there, oh no, you’ll see more of that if you continue watching. The show then cuts to its opening sequence, and after that we are introduced to its various range of characters, mainly the protagonists and there are a lot of them which classifies this show as multi-protagonist.

    After the first episode ended, I still felt a little lost and confused. I mean there was just so much to take in, my brain had to have time to organize and make sense of what had just transpired. Then, I moved on to the second episode, the third and so on.

    There’s no mistaking it, this story was set to reveal more and more, episode by episode. With so many main characters with their own respecting stories, you have to think about them as a whole and weave it altogether yourself so you can make sense out of it.

    Here are my thoughts after watching the whole season:

    • My first impression was, “Wow, this show has a really big budget. So many actors… such high production values. You don’t see many TV shows that have this.”
    • What took me by surprise was the nudity. I was not informed about the nudity. Wait, not JUST nudity. Throw in the full-on sex into the mix and you’ve created this slightly awkward atmosphere when your parents are watching the show with you.
    • So much chocolate, wasted! Because fake blood has chocolate and stuff…
    • How did they get the money to make all those props and sets and hire all these great actors!?

    Why is the Game of Thrones the most pirated TV show in the past 2 years? Well, the answer is simple, it’s just a really good show.  Some may like it, some won’t, but apparently the majority of the public do like it so it gets downloaded the most.

    Am I going to continue watching it? Heck yeah I am. After making sense of the whole story/world, am I just going to discard it out of my mind? Besides, those cliffhangers make me want more.
    I’m already lookin’ forward to Season 4.

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