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Welcome to the Zone.

My name is Kimberly Teoh and I am currently a first year student at RMIT enrolled in the Communication (Media) course. My decision to enter this course comes from my fascination with all media-related things, editing videos, and a strange hobby to read things outloud as though I was a news anchorwoman (not kidding, it’s fun).

The purpose for this blog is to post about things related to my course in general and possibly about other things that I notice in my daily life. You’ll probably find me blabbering about stuff that may not make much sense too.

While I do not enjoy long walks on the beach (or just walking on the beach for that matter, blasted sands), I do enjoy watching films and analyzing them, playing video games and partially analyzing them, and casually watching cartoons and tv shows.

My other interests are baseball and listening to classical/instrumental music.


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