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  1. Ideologies and the World

    August 8, 2013 by kimberlyteoh

    Lots of readings last/this week with the word ideology in them. Here’s an idea a thought, the world we live in – our society, our lives – was constructed by ideas in some way.

    The things we use these days were once ideas. The computer, the television, the car, the camera etc. etc.
    The things we watch and read these days were ideas.
    Some of the things we know were just ideas.

    Still don’t get what I mean?
    Alright, you know Batman? He’s an idea. Whoever thought of Batman wanted to share that idea (Batman) so he used an idea (comic books) to share Batman with the rest of the world.

    I have another thought that when someone thinks of an idea and physically produces it to others, it can inspire others to have an idea.

    I also believe that history and ideology are linked. For example, way back when, people probably used leaves for number 2. Someone thought of toilet paper (thank you creator of toilet paper) and now everyone uses toilet paper instead of leaves. And it is ideal that you use toilet paper and not leaves because if you use leaves then you’ll probably get responses like “what? omg. ew.” This might be a different case if you were alive xxxx years ago when using leaves was the “norm”.

    To sum up, ideologies fosters development which takes time and is recorded in history. These ideas will then become ubiquitous.

    Something like that

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