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October, 2013

  1. Phonebloks

    October 11, 2013 by kimberlyteoh

    So I saw this video and thought it is a pretty neat idea.  Reminds me of a PC because you get to build it and replace hardware that’s faulty. Some people mentioned in the comments that this idea won’t go very well because of the current market of smartphones; it’s huge so it’d be hard to put this in. But I think it is possible that this phone could actually bring up a new market which is the ‘bloks.’

    Also, this video is relevant to this course because the people who want to put this phone out there needs network media. If this phone can build up a network, it would get noticed and eventually a company might give this phone a try.

  2. The most common shape

    October 3, 2013 by kimberlyteoh

    Just to clear things up, this isn’t my room. It’s a random image that I chose (and I chose it because it looked nice).

    The other day when it rained outside, I decided to just sit on my couch in my apartment to just chill. Yep, productive.

    As I sat there for approximately one hour, I noticed that most of the objects surrounding me shared one common shape, the rectangle. Books, boxes, screens, speakers, table, cloth, my PC, windows, heater, door, switch etc.

    The second most common shape was the circle but only by 20% (based on my apartment).

    Just seemed interesting how I never noticed I’m surrounded by rectangles and circles.
    And that it’s mainly man-made stuff.

    This is the best blog post, ever. Period.


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