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May, 2014

  1. Film-TV Analysis/Reflection Q8

    May 30, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    J – Clip plays backwards

    K – Clip will stop playing

    L – Clip plays forward

    Shift+J/L – in slow motion

    CMD+B/ – Add bin

    CMD+ G – Group

    CMD+Shift+G – Ungroup

    Never used these before and they’re all time savers.

  2. Film-TV Analysis/Reflection Q7

    May 30, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    Throughout the whole scene you will hear one consistent sound that is almost barely audible, the chirping of crickets. I thought this was to place more emphasis that is it night time for this scene as well as to place a calming atmosphere/effect. I know this sounds strange considering that the two men are discussing about the end of a contract killing where tensions should undoubtedly be high. Pure silence can definitely have an unnerving effect, perhaps the cricket sounds are used to build up shock value for when the man shoots the other man because the audio for the gunshot was very loud and had a reverb effect to it. Most sounds used are also made to sound diegetic (traffic noises, toilet flushing) to clearly establish the spatial setting.

    As for video, there were a lot of close ups of objects, and the actor’s faces.  They were edited in a fashion that emphasized what the actor was looking at as well to bring attention to said object. This was especially so when the man slowly pulls out the photo of the dead, we can see his unsettled expressions as he looks at them and the video cuts to a part of the picture where it showed the dead man’s arm.

  3. Analysis/Reflection 5 Question 3

    May 19, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    There was a lot of movement for both the actors and the camera. Considering that the room setting is relatively clustered with objects, Antonioni would have to consider where the actors should move to as well as the position of the cameras.  Most of these shots had to have been planned beforehand, because of the series of tracking and panning shots that went with the actors’ movements creating some sort of synergy between the two. I thought this was quite evident at 1:56 where the camera tracks to the left and pans to the right to bring David Hemmings into view.

  4. Analysis/Reflection 5 Question 2

    May 19, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    The reading I chose to focus on for this question is “Developing a crew” by Rabiger, M.

    When working on anything that requires a group collaboration, it is important for the group members to clearly know what their roles are and the responsibilities that come with it. Fully understanding what your role entails will lead to a more efficient system of cooperation because you will know what you need to do and what you don’t need to do. I think of it this way; we’re all cogs in the same machine and the machine will work when the cogs are going in the right direction. If one of those cogs goes in a different direction, the other affected cogs will stop and the machine won’t work as well as it should.

    Another point I’ve taken is that for a film project, there is a certain chain of command and this was made clear with Figure 28-1. This was relatively useful because it clarifies who should answer to who and such.

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