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May, 2015

  1. Project 4 Dump

    May 24, 2015 by kimberlyteoh


  2. Class Reflection

    May 22, 2015 by kimberlyteoh

    From what I understand, with Project 4 we’re to make sketches that’ll help us develop our prototype. Errol and Nethaniel (props to them) were generous to show the class their progress in their project and what we were shown more or less confirmed what we’re supposed to do for Project 4. However, I didn’t get a sense of where they were going with for their prototype. I didn’t want to say anything though since I thought maybe I didn’t realize it since I’m not perceptive enough to do so. How do I put it…it was very similar to Project 2 where the class had to set out to make exploratory sketches and in the process, tried all sorts of things. Of course, we’re supposed to do that with Project 4 too but I’m under the impression that we’re to hone in on something that we tried in Project 3, and make sketches with that. For example, my group is planning on using the tracker app, Moves, which we tried in Project 3, and make more sketches with that.

    I must say that I’m not too keen on this travel diary idea we’re having anymore because it’s relatively tough to do. Why? I’m not traveling, yet I’m making a travel diary. It’s hard to be enthusiastic about something when I basically have this mindset that everything I’m experiencing/seeing isn’t new so there’s nothing special about. Sure, I could try going to places I’ve never been to before but I can’t afford it nor do I want to. Man, I’m such a downer.


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