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April, 2014

  1. Sketch Film

    April 11, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    Boxed In

    My god. I took 3 hours to get the hang of Korsakow and boy, it was fun! Sure, there were problems here and there that made me scream inside a little… but solving them was the fun part.

    What were the problems? First, my brain decided to complicate things by thinking, “I should link the videos with keywords that are based on what they have in common! Yeah!”
    No. No. Baaaaad idea. Needless to say, I wasted 30 minutes doing that while wondering why Korsakow was being mean to me.
    What I learned: Just use keywords based on what the video is about. Seriously, what the heck, brain. I hate you.

    Next problem, linking the videos evenly. I kept having two or four vids linked to one video.
    What I learned:  Piece of paper. Pencil. Plan.
    Alternatively, I could’ve used the SNU Rating for SNUs with four vids linked to them. Didn’t use it because it felt messy to me at the time.

    Last problem, SNUs of the clock and window with three shades are placed differently compared to other SNUs.
    What I learned: I downloaded these two videos from my Vimeo channel. However, Vimeo only allowed me to download them in Standard Definition. If they were in High Definition, it wouldn’t be placed differently. How do I know this? I downloaded one other video I had in HD and compared results.
    Another thing I learned that wasn’t on the technical side but on the conceptual side was that, when you go in with an idea, you’ll probably end up with something different. Kind of like planting a bean seed but it ends up growing into a sunflower or a hybrid.


  2. Several shots of something slow

    April 3, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

  3. Several shots of something fast

    April 3, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    Man… that last one took me so long just to get it right.
    Note: The rubber band didn’t hit the lens since I did put something in front of it.

  4. Sketch task #3

    April 3, 2014 by kimberlyteoh

    Super late but I figured I might as well upload these even if I couldn’t come to class last week.

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