Analysis/Reflection 4. Question 8.

Our Lenny ex2 excercise was unable to be completed as the footage was lost, however I have still learnt a lot from this experience and from completing the forst Lenny excercise.

-Back up data. Or transfer it to a safe place as soon as shooting has finished.

-Allow more time because shooting will take longer than expected. It started to rain on the day so this hindered both which shots we were able to film and how long it took to shoot the remaining shots. Because of this we ended up scraping a lot of shots and only shot what was completely integral to the storyline.

-Being an actor is really hard, the role of the director is very important as they need to be able to express exactly what they want the actors to be able to do, as well as communicating this to the rest of the team.

-Outlining specific roles is integral to a smooth shoot, everyone should be focused on their tasks running smoothly and is this happens than everything will most likely fall into place.

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