Analysis/Reflection 4. Question 7.

In the lighting lecture I learnt that you are unable to learn how to be a good lighting technician by reading about it. Learning how lighting works and how to understand and use it correctly requires you to experience it. It is a hands on practical learning aspect of filmmaking and will take a lot of trial and error and experimentation to fully get a grasp on what is involved in using lighting correctly to not just illuminate or unilluminate but to create and set moods and atmospheres. In my opinion this is a good way to learn something, by physically doing something rather than trying to memorise someone else’s experiences enables you to remember it more effectively and also helps to encourage your on experimentation and intuition.

Another point from the lecture that was relevant to our film shoot was the idea of planning our shots around where the sun will be positioned during the day. Our shoot is going to be entirely shot outside and we are also relying on morning light to set the mood and highlight the fact that the story is happening in the morning. We have gone to our location and outlined a schedule where the most neccesary shots to have morning light are filmed first and those that won’t matter as much will be filmed last.

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