IM2 Lecture 2 (wk 2)

‘Generation Like’

Empowerment, verification, freedom.

  • Share obsessions with the world. In real life people look at your weird, but the internet is all about it.
  • Companies wanting to reach children have to transform their communication with consumers.
  • Learn to participate in those channels.
  • When kids like something it becomes a part of who they are.
  • A perspective on culture that is profound- oreo. Gay pride.
  • When you like-retweet you creating data, -online persona
  • Currency of likes turns into actual currency.
  • Fame by association
  • Professional fan.
  • Build and leaverage a social network- to get famous
  • Want validation- ability to get attention.
  • Quantifying value.
  • You are your own media company.
  • Instead of selling the product to the audience the idea is to get the audience to sell the product for them. They want to make the interaction seem open and transparent. But all that transparency takes a lot of planning.



How does this documentary alter your understanding of the way you use social media?

The documentary highlights my lack of thought when using social media. Using social media means a lot more than just contacting friends and looking at photos, when we use social media we are becoming an audience, a specifically targeted audience where companies can map our interactions and use them to their advantage. It seems like we gain more validation from our online social networks than we do from our real life interactions, by using social media we are changing not only the way we communicate but also the way we legitimise and verify ourselves which ultimately will change the way we form our own self identity and awareness.