Analysis/Reflection 5. Question 2.

My goalsĀ 

I think I succeeded in reaching the goals I set for myself at the start of the semester. All in all I wanted to make a documentary that was entertaining and that I was proud of, and I think our group was successful in that. I am proud of our documentary making process, starting from the beginning and knowing absolutely nothing and no one who participates in LARP. Taking a very active role in the organisational and liaising side of the process I am happy with what we were able to do and the content that we ended up with.

I said that I wanted to test myself in a leadership role and even though there was never an official announcement, I did take that that role as it my idea originally and thats just how the group arranged ourselves. I think this was a good challenge and I think I did a good job organisational and creatively.

Even though I still am not completely familiar with the equipment, I definitely have a better hold on how to use both the camera and mixer. Most of the time this was left up to another member of the group but there were many times that I set up and used the equipment myself and think I am competent enough at it.

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