Analsysis/Reflection 1. Question 2.

My goal of Film/TV 2 is to make a documentary that I am proud of, that I feel was made to the best of my ability and that I was able to extend my filmmaking skills to make a hopefully coherent and entertaining documentary. I would like to have more of a leadership role in the making of the documentary as I am quite fond of my idea for a documentary subject. If I was to be the director of the film I would hope to be organised and creative and challenge myself to be a good leader who also makes a good film.

This semester I really would like to familarise myself with the equipment a bit better, I am hoping that using the cameras and sound equipment becomes slightly more natural and smooth as at the moment it is still a bit of a daunting task. It still takes me a while to figure out the process and I am hoping that by the end of semester this becomes easier.

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