film reviews.

Coffee and Pi.

This was a very cleverly written film, the nice little pun in the title fits the story perfectly. Due to being well shot and well acted, this was a tidy and well put together film with the text and montage showing some quirky characteristics. The score was simple and appropriate, diagetic sounds were polished and worked well. I think this was a nice little twist on the classic boy meets girl storyline.

Pranking Frank.

This film really stood out because I really enjoyed the performance from one of the main characters. He was hilarious and it just goes to show how crucial good acting is to the success of the film. Apart from the brilliant acting, the script was really well written and the film was put together nicely.


Evidently Milk was a crowd favourite and I do not disagree. A really simple storyline meant that emphasise could be put on how the film was acted and put together, and a simple script meant that action was a pivotal component. Luckily the action worked brilliantly, great camerawork to capture fast movements with an especially great stand out shot of the characters running towards the camera which was moving backwards on a dolly. This film was the result of a great script-writer, director, camera-man, actors and editors.