Analysis/Reflection 4. Q 3.

My initial observation of this clip is the use of a long focal length which has the effect of flattening the image, the cameraman is far away from the subjects and has zoomed in making size and distance hard to distinguish. It is hard to grasp perspective, the cars moving across the screen completely swallow whatever else was in the frame and act as distorted motion blurs that at times help hide edits between shots. A lot of emphasis is on form and motion. The zoom allows  for a wide depth of field within the frame, this allows the audience to focus on an intimate close up of a face yet still leaves a sense of distance and unobstrusive observation.

The clip almost feels like a montage or slide show of the inhabitants of Paris, with smooth edits between 2-4 second clips of various people. I think the intention is to allow a sense of what Paris is like through its various inhabitants. There are times of clever editing, for example succeeding the shots of women leg is a shot of a man looking back which makes it look like he was looking at the ladies but probably was not actually.

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