Analysis/Reflection 5. question 1.

In the lecture we covered the importance of lighting, and how to use it effectively in our films. We learnt of the capabilities of the white and black boards, and how these enable us to have maximum control over the lighting. By using these in our film we can either increase soft light or take away fill light. We would will definitely need to use either or both of these during our shoot. Because our film was shot outside with minimal powerpoints and an abundance of natural light already, we did not need to add extra artificial lights to light the scene, white boards were used at some points to soften and balance the light on the actors.
In the lecture we also learnt how to focus pull. On the weekend I was looking up various Hitchcock camera techniques and one that I thought could work in our film was called something like a zoom focus, I thought something similiar to this could work in our film. Learning how to do a focus pull was great as we used that on the day of filming.

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