Some Meanderings

Excellent, some are beginning to blog about stuff. Just stuff. Louisa on saluting the sun. Georgina worrying about identity. Not a fan of ‘authenticity’ in the naive sense of a single centred thing, crazy talk. So what if we imagine ourselves as plural? Me, I’m a teacher, student, writer, media maker, father, uncle, cousin, brother, son, husband, friend. Each one is sorta different, why think I’m ‘one’ of them, and what happens if I’m all? Memphsis on the blog, the question, how do we make a blog ‘come alive’? And Edward worries about online identity. In this culture authenticity matters, blogs that are valued all exhibit some sort of integrity. Of concept, view, thought, and so on. As soon as that is compromised, things crumble. They are trust networks. So being nice is less important than a reasonable sort of honesty. Danielle likes the safety the boat suggests (yes, in the speculative description there is no implication of threat, no risk of drowning – unless you wilfully do something – the change is getting used to bobbing around out there). And Denham notes “more about the journey to find knowledge rather than the end results, as there “is no shore” in sight”. Good observation, think road trip, and yes, some of you will enjoy it, some will be OK with it, and some will just not get it (you’re the sort of traveller that has a pretty sorted itinerary before you leave home). None is right or wrong, though in the context of the networked practice some are better than others, but even if you don’t like it, you need to recognise that even the best laid plans don’t work out, so here we are learning how to deal with the unexpected, both good and bad.