Reading 1: What is Networked Media?

Adrian’s description of Networked Media really astounded and excited me. It gave me an interesting insight into what this semester and this course will be like. The passage is abstract and metaphoric, quite open to interpretation and poetic. This itself hints towards the nature of the course; something conceptual, speculative, spontaneous and unique. I feel that it will be self-governing and independent, which is a learning style I react really well to!

This is roughly how I read the metaphor of the boat and the ocean:
The concept of being in a boat in the middle of the ocean ocean is akin to the feeling of being lost and surrounded by something vast and unknown. I guess that this could represent how being in the creative strand of education or even in the creative industry, it’s so easy to feel lost and swarmed in a mass of ideas, thoughts and opinions. There are literally endless options when writing a script, a story, starting a new project, making a film etc. To be written as such really made sense to me as I have felt very overwhelmed since I started this course, as though there are millions of opportunities and ideas but I can’t quite grasp onto any, almost as though they have the consistency of water.

Bringing in a boat to the metaphor makes me feel more secure and calm within the mass of unexplored territory. It would keep me afloat in such an intimidating and overwhelming situation so it would be the key to not (literally and figuratively) drowning! The fact that Networked Media has been compared to being in a boat in a vast dark ocean translates in my head as a way to collect, collate and take advantage of the millions of ideas floating around, ensuring we don’t drown in them! It makes me picture my ideas rippling around my safety haven of a boat and see where my creativity takes me.

This poetic description of the course has really has made me excited to dive right into it! No pun intended…

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