creepy children

To enter into the world of my new blog, I feel it is appropriate to post about a viral video I recently watched, and found hilarious. Viral videos are basically a summary of the internet right? God knows what future generations will think of us now when they discover that just under 100 million of the population watched and were interested in a video of a flying rainbow cat.

This particular video I’m sharing is particularly funny to me due to my job. I work at an after school hours care program, and so regularly deal with children from ages varying from 5 to 12. This video accurately summarises how creepy children can be!!

I think the video pokes fun at how unfiltered children can  be, unrestricted by societal values and expectations. It is funny to us perhaps because it is so unusual to us to interact with people in that way, as we have been taught and exposed to what is expected of us in society. The things that the children say at work is also quite similar. I should honestly start writing down some of the things I overhear.

Looking forward to writing more in the future!