Another week, another experiment. This is where we are building an “ideas market”. For now it involves only one lot of ‘ideas’, which aren’t really ideas but, you know, let’s not quibble just yet. There is a link below to a form, where you can then make a ‘How To’ do something request. The ‘how to’ should be about doing something in/with your blog. For example, how do I embed a Vine video clip in a blog post?, or, how do I get a Twitter stream in my blog sidebar?, or “how do I do that thing that that person over there did?”.

The form becomes an email, which, after some sort of time delay (as it requires human action) will become a blog post. A blog post in the Marketplace. Then, someone else might see what you’ve asked, know how to do this, and make a blog post (in their own blog is fine) showing, with words, pictures, video, how to do what it is you would like to be able to do.

The maker, assuming their How To is successful (makes sense and is understandable to others and lets those who can’t do it now do it), the maker earns 2 marks. That is 2 marks on top of whatever overall result they will get for Networked Media. The contributor, you get your problem/request/wish answered. Their post will also become part of the How To page for mediafactory.

It is entirely opt in, opt out, and is using some simple steps and tools to let those with the skills see what those without might want help with, and letting this happen.

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