Analysis/Reflection 4. Q 2.

Ctrl-Alt-V – Paste Attributes.

This shortcut will come in handy when we are working on stylistic elements like tone, filter, colour correction and grain reduction. This way we can paste the attributes that we have changed on one clip directly to another, meaning if the clips are similar aesthetically we don’t have to change them all individually.

Shift-5 – Effect controls.

We will be using effect controls a lot during our edit so I think a shortcut to that panel will be handy.

= – Zoom in.

Instead of dragging the cursor along the bottom of the timeline constantly, a shortcut to zoom in and out quickly will be invaluable. You constantly need to zoom in and out to find and arrange clips and to slice and trim them.

S – Snap.

Sometimes you need to snap so the clips match up directly behind the one before and without snapping you have to zoom all the way in or free handedly place the clip there and its not the most precise way of doing things.


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