Analysis/Reflection 4. Q 1.

There are numerous types of sound in this clip of Forbidden Lies (2007), as the clip transitions from a make-believe flashback-esque sequence to real world montage. To highlight the fantastical nature at the beginning of the clip, music is layered with bird chirping that is much too loud to sound natural. This sound effect could have beens sourced from a free sound effect website or by recording a bird with a sound recorder. The twist visual effect is accompanied with music and chimes that could have also been soucrced from an online archive. The rest of the flash-back scene has foley sounds including car noises, wind and a thump when the scarf hits the ground. This could have been recorded in a studio. These sounds seem unnatural as well as they are louder and more abrasive as they would be in real life.

The rest of the clip primarily uses diagetic sounds that are synced with their visuals and usually blend into the next shot by running over the top or layered with other diagetic sounds from that next shot. Sound effects are also used here to support the dialogue, for example the sound of a camera shutter and a rattle snake.

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