WEEK 2 – epiphany #2

This week I was sick in class.

But as I have been deconstructing my scene – I have realised that I lack knowledge. Camera knowledge that is. Descriptive words for camera work – i.e. coverage. How the scene is covered. Although I do enjoy working out the meaning behind the shots used – but can’t explain exactly what the shots are. Which is frustrating. I have also worked out that I LOVE analysing films. I have done this all my life and have taught myself to attempt to predict what will be the outcome through character performance, what’s in frame and location (among other things).

It’s so fun when I am wrong. I honestly think it’s a good sign when I am wrong. Although not all the time. I appreciate different things from particular films. Such as – sometimes I appreciate the miss-en-scene ( Her, 2013) and not necessarily the storyline. So when I do predict correctly (the ending, even though I know it’s not all about the ending) but enjoyed the film – I consider what I enjoyed in the film that made me not care that is what somewhat predictable. This all sounds a bit iffy and all over the place – but I want to tidy my mind a bit and learn MORE on the theory and why I like particular things.

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