Today went amazingly.

I was assigned the role of photographer on the day and stage production. I had to move the chairs and the cityscape to and from the room. It was seriously a hard work out… honestly, it was THAT heavy. But it was all worth it!

I can’t believe how fantastic it was. The panel was great – the conversation was amazing. The guests had such a great conversation and Prani did an amazing job. She really kept the discussion going to make sure everything was on the write track. I am so proud of her – she represented the group perfectly.

Sam created a production manual – which had peoples jobs and the schedule. He was in charge of lighting and he did a sensational job! It was terrific. It looked professional and well thought out.


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.21.33 pm








Mia catered the food – and oh my goodness it was delicious. It was so incredible – she did a great job. The tea break in the middle of the seminar was a great idea and felt really natural. It seemed like everyone was keen to eat the food and continue watching.

The whole group really pulled together for this day. We were such a team and it made me so proud. We all met at around 2:30 and pretty much hung out until it was time to set up. As soon as we could, myself and few others ran to pick up the equipment… I didn’t realize how week I was when I had to carry a chair one block (not even). The team got started on the lights and everything became chaotic – in the best way. Mollie covered the offensive blue chairs in black material – which looks so much better. Mollie showed true leadership – she really kept the group together.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.15.01 pm









Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.15.13 pm









During lighting set up, myself and a few other girls started making the lolly cups – trying to divide the numerous lollies up well. I then sat in as one of the guest while the lighting was being made so they could get it done correctly.

The seminar begun and I was on photography. I tired to take pictures of the audience watching, and the guests and Prani. It was really great to see how entertained the audience was. I did find myself getting distracted – because I found what the guests were saying to be very interesting. It was just such a great panel. I brought along my friend as well – who has never had an interest in the media industry, and afterwards she told me that it was inspiring and she really loved it. She thought the guests were diverse, intelligent and had great things to say.

The seminar went smoothly – it really did. Members of the audience came up to us after saying that it was insightful and entertaining. They loved it! And so did I!

I honestly really liked this project – it was incredibly fun. Best group assignment I have done so far. I really liked the group and how everyone was open to suggestions. It was seriously refreshing. Everyone seemed passionate which made me want to do the best I could do. I didn’t want to let anyone down – and this assignment truly meant a lot to me.

I also uploaded a little picture of all of us to celebrate!


Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 6.15.35 pm


– Joan of Art: Heroines of the Media –


Week 4 and the team are still a little unsure about the direction. But I have to say it’s still really exciting. There are so many ideas flowing around and I know once we lock in the general feel we want, everyone is going to be really excited and working hard.


Social media has taken a back burner – originally we wanted to do our own instagram, Facebook page and Twitter, but we have realized that is a lot of work. The steering committees have been great and they will probably do a great job helping us market our seminar. So we will come up with hashtags – and the content.


For the poster, I have been doing a lot of research and made a PINTEREST BOARD. Personally, every time I create something or do a photos hoot I need to do research and see what inspires me, and develop my own aesthetic.


LINK – Pinterest Board


I really liked the mixed media approach – drawing with photography. I also liked Sam’s original idea of the poster to put Joan within it.

Rejections –

Sue Maslin – will be flying to Toronto Film Festival


The group had an amazing idea to email Natalie Tran – a youtuber, well known Australian Vlogger. She is a freelancer, and also extremely entertaining and we think it would be so great for her to be on the panel! I feel like she would bring a lot to the table.


We haven’t heard from Clementine Ford – hopefully we hear from her soon. We are going to ask Celeste Liddle if we don’t hear back or she can’t make it! Who is a great seat for woman in the media in the journalism and professional writing field.


I was yet to finish the mock-up’s – but I am hoping to do so before next week! I am really excited. I hope the group really like them. I have had a huge amount of feedback on the Facebook group – and everyone is liking the ideas that I am thinking of and debating!